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Welcome! We have done our best to provide you with easy-to-access information regarding your Intergate account. The following topics are currently available:
Dialup Networking Settings
Win98 Dial Up Networking Configuration
Windows 95 - Dial Up Networking Settings
Windows 95 - Internet Connection Wizard
Windows 98 - Removing and Reinstalling Dial-Up Networking
Windows ME - Internet Connection Wizard
Configuring Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000 - Dialup Checking Dial-up Configurations
Windows 2000 - Internet Connection Wizard
Internet Connection Wizard With IE4
Windows 98 - Internet Connection Wizard
Windows NT 4.0 - Internet Connection Settings
Windows XP: Internet Connection Wizard
Email Configurations
"Relaying Denied" Message in Outlook Express 6
Configuring Eudora E-Mail
Configuring Microsoft Internet Explorer
Configuring Netscape Communicator Mail
Configuring Eudora Light E-Mail
Configuring Microsoft Exchange
Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2000
Configuring Microsoft Outlook 97
Configuring Microsoft Outlook 98
Configuring Microsoft Outlook XP
Configuring Netscape 3 Mail
Configuring Netscape 4.5 Mail
Configuring Netscape 4.7 Mail
Configuring Netscape 6 Mail
Configuring Outlook Express 4
Configuring Outlook Express 4.5 For Mac
Configuring Outlook Express 5
Configuring Outlook Express 5 For Mac
Netscape Setup Wizard Configuration
Microsoft Internet Mail Configuration
Pegasus Mail Configuration
Using Netscape 6 Settings Wizard
Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Get Help?
Live Online Help
Macintosh Instructions
Mac OS 8 Basic Dialup Configuration
Mac OS 8/9 Internet Setup Assistant
Mac OS 9 Basic Dialup Configuration
Mac OS X PPP Configuration
Mac OS X Mail Configuration
Calypso Mail Configuration
Claris For Mac Configuration
Help With Disconnection Issues
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Configuring WebTV